Feb. 6th, 2017 08:55 am
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Sooner or later, these bookshelves in my flat are going to come down, and the books which I cannot currently reach shall once again be in my grasp.

This morning, I found myself actually wondering something that would have sounded positively heretical to me, many years ago - which of these books can I afford to get rid of?

Some day soon, my kitchen - which is being refitted - will be fit for purpose again, and my living room will be cleared out once more. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to clean house in the living room, too, and to find a place which will accept those books which I have not read in many years, and even those few books which I picked up and never read at all.

It's a strange thought, getting rid of books. But I have no desire to be seen in my dotage to be some sort of hoarder.
fiat_knox: silhouette of myself taken at sunrise (Default)
[Error: unknown template qotd]My comfy chair back home, under the window, with the view out. I read old books there too.

Other people enjoy comfort eating. I enjoy comfort reading, when life hands me disappointments. I do a lot of comfort reading. I haven't put on that much weight on my body, but my head resembles the Mekon.

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