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... to another year of my life. Gone. Finito.

Here's to the first day of my 41st year. Happy Birthday, and many, many more happy returns of the day.

Bloody hell, what a year I had. I practically lived in that unexpurgated shithole of a workplace, the damp - infested, overpriced flat nearby, and virtually lived off of those Cumberland sausages in a bap in the early morning down at Sayers the bakers in town ("Offer valid until 11:00am. Subject to availability. While stocks last. Remember that property secured on your loan is forfeit if you do not keep up the monthly repayments. Batteries not included. Some assembly required.")

And for what? To collapse at work, unable to breathe? To suffer stress, no sleep, and high blood pressure from the stresses?

Ah, well, I'm better off out of there. I mean, for all that they were supposed to be these fun people, they have no sense of humour. They didn't think I was going to save that Word file containing 1,245 repetitions of the word "vagina" on their system, did they?

Some people can be so pig ignorant ...
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Earlier today, at around a quarter past three pm GMT, I was officially dismissed from work.

And that's it, folks. Looking for something new to do, some new workplace to go to.

I can't say I was at all surprised about this: this has been literally on the cards since a week before last Wednesday, even before that.

I could see that day there'd be trouble when all the wrong kind of cards came up in my spread that morning (Wednesday 14 April). The outcome was, appropriately enough, XVI The Tower - a dire situation for work as much as it was for me.

Recently, I decided to toy with some new cards, the Madam Titania Hardie Fortune Cards. They came up with images of the Scythe, representing a clean break, and more positive cards in the future.

Today, I idly drew those same cards before attending the final meeting. I drew the following: Moon, Snake, Clouds, Key, Man, Book, Tower.

I interpreted them as follows:

"The difficult cards, the Clouds and the Snake, suggest stormy times, and counsel against treachery and one's words being turned against one. Be careful with the Snake, because even your silence will be deliberately twisted and misconstrued.

"The Key suggests, however, that difficulties are nearly at an end, and that you shall prevail. Key and Book adjacent to Man suggest that the future is in my hands; that the future is for me to write, and that I possess the means by which that future can now be written.

Finally, the Key, the Tower and the Moon suggest strong occult influences, perhaps that Destiny is pushing you in a certain direction now, perhaps pushing you in the direction you should have been going back in 2001, before your now former employment began."

I'll have more information as my situation develops.

In the meantime, I feel like celebrating.

I'm free ...

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