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The Blood Path
fiat_knox: silhouette of myself taken at sunrise (Shadow person)
The Blood Path, my adventure for Mongoose Publishing's tabletop fantasy roleplaying adventure Legend, is now live on the DriveThruRPG website.

The Blood Path

The Blood Path

Of all the enemies player characters love to engage in roleplaying games, no more popular enemy exists than orcs. A default enemy, an excuse to have the characters make use of their combat moves, orcs are a staple monster in many tabletop fantasy roleplaying games.

Modern MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft have begun to challenge this attitude, making orcs over as the honourable Klingons of fantasy roleplaying games; but the Monsters of Legend and Cities of Legend: Skarr, City of Orcs sourcebooks still cast them in the same old light – as monsters.

All that changes here.

A chance encounter by the roadside involves the adventurers with a party of orcs on The Blood Path, a sacred quest for vengeance. But things are never quite what they seem…

Will the orcs prove friend or foe?

Can the adventurers thwart an evil that if released has the potential to claim thousands of lives – orc and human alike?

Follow the Blood Path and forge your Legend.

A Legend compatible scenario, The Blood Path can be converted for use with most D100 game systems with very little effort.

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