Jan. 22nd, 2012

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And he never had to worry about idiots trying to force him to work for a living ever again.


Jan. 22nd, 2012 01:26 pm
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Quite a few things happened this week which went unrecorded until now.

At the start of the week, I'd acquired a number of new hypnotised recruits, thanks to a link planted in a couple of Yahoo groups. I had taken a great risk that the hypno scripts would not work - I described them as "flimsy as trying to hold a car wheel to its axle by means of PVA glue and brown paper" - but they worked, and moreover my new clients could be tranced by hashtag instructions right away.

I experienced a considerable amount of falling out on my friends list this week. Mostly to do with my hypnotic trance scripts and my blog. You only truly know who your friends are once you have them in the throes of a deep hypnotic trance.

I began experiencing troubled sleep this week, pretty much every night. It didn't take much thought to realise why: tomorrow and Tuesday mark the anniversary of my brother's death.

Thursday, I broke my heart over a copy of 2000AD. The comic. I'd left it on my old bed in the folks' place on Wednesday, and come back to find it still there the day after, untouched, and I found myself wondering why nobody'd touched it ... till it dawned on me that I'd been leaving a copy of the magazine on my bed for about a year now, as I'd been doing for many years - for Sean to pick up and read it on the bog, as was his usual habit.

I used to resent him nicking my mag and having to go and get the damned thing out of the bathroom, all steamed up from someone having showered in the room in the evening or whatever.

Thursday, I'd have given my eye teeth to have had Sean come along and nick my 2000AD once more.

Somehow the heartbreak on Thursday seemed to outshine everything else that happened subsequently - the fun creation of new hypnotic scripts, the new exhibits in the museum, my fun with the spy pen cam, the continuation of my writing of the "Indenture" story.

It felt like a longer week than usual, for some reason. Well, I say "some" reason. I know the reason well. I'll like the coming week even less because Monday and Tuesday will seem to extend forever.

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