Feb. 17th, 2012

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I missed the damned bus into town earlier, but made it to an appointment at BTCV only a quarter of an hour late. I managed to sort out things with them there, and the next appointment comes on Tuesday March 6th at 09:30.

I visited the folks to take care of some business, and had enough time to greet a relative who came along to say hi. Back in town, I had time to enjoy an X-Men comic and a visit to the library before popping into the Museum for an hour.

Some not so good things: I caught out a net troll on Shadownessence, and my clients all seem to have dried up on me.

Some surprising news: Mongoose have released their latest book, Arcania of Legend: Blood Magic, some two months early - the PDF is on sale now. I'll have to get a copy this weekend.

I also responded to a challenge to come up with an assassins' guild faction for Legend which has what I term "flair." Watch for my post on The Repairers of Reputations.

Right, then. This post has lain open on my browser long enough. Time to wind this thing down now.

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