Mar. 1st, 2012

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White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit!

It's the first of a new month, and if you make "White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit!" the first thing you say at the start of a month you are supposed to have luck for the month.

Just a short update here. On the 28th I visited Manchester, and posted some pics onto Facebook. I didn't have time yesterday or the day before to post this news. I'll have to put up links in the morning.

Right now, Dad has me posting an email with some BLOODY ugly statuary to an email address. Looks like Christies'. Hope this won't take much longer. These photos take time to load in to the email because they have to go in one at a time. Yuck.

And I posted that Potion Creation in Legend article online yesterday - a feat in which I can take pride.

But one thing I really have to mention at some point: during my trip to Manchester, I managed to look at the Traveller Compendium 2, from Mongoose Publishing, containing FOUR Signs & Portents articles written by myself, including The "Thing In The Pit," the Quatermass-inspired Traveller adventure.

Give me due credit. I really write good stuff. :)

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