Apr. 25th, 2012

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On Facebook, someone posted the following question as a philosophical point of discussion.

"We see all around that the economy is broken. We have an unemployed labour force and we have empty factories, offices and shops – everything we need in fact to produce the goods and services we need.

"Yet the economy seems to be unable to produce enough real wealth, for lack of money.

"What is going wrong?"

I replied thus:-

Our rulers. We have not been electing representatives who speak for our communities for some time now. Our elected representatives are ambitious, scheming, lacking in the usual mental brakes that sane, non-psychopaths have.

Normal people can defer gratification. These clowns cannot. So they live out their hedonistic fantasies of power, running economies and legal systems into the ground, shifting the goalposts so that the laws favour their rich chums and coming up with endless stupid ideas for laws as if the country was some vast playground of "what if" to them.

The current PM of Britain, worst of all, is a privileged rich boy who inherited his money from his tax-dodging Daddy, who has never known poverty, who has not got a shred of a clue but is very good at fudging and evading answers to awkward questions and deflecting blame to those around him - the previous administration, the jobless masses, his Coalition associate, or the scapegoat du jour.

He and his simpleton cabinet are living in a hash cloud cuckoo land bubble of wealth and privilege, perpetually dazzled by the real rich people they now find themselves hobnobbing with and just drowning in affluence and opulence derived from wealth siphoned off those whom that wealth had been intended for: the poor, the elderly, the disabled, military veterans, the medical and educational professions.

Our rulers are wrong. They are the wrongest kind of wrong people to have in positions of power and responsibility, because they are incapable of taking responsibility. And their decisions are killing the people whose votes got them where they are.

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