May. 9th, 2012

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So the Feds have busted a terrorist plot by white racists to instigate a Helter Skelter race war in Florida. Yes, the Charles Manson reference is apposite - it's the same dickhead lunacy he was planning when he murdered Sharon Tate. Hate, as lethal as shark's teeth, sadistic, cold and cruel and sharp and deadly.

So why is this reported as "Weird News" by Yahoo?

If this had been a bunch of Islamists, the news editor would have put this shit right on the front page, top bastard headline, huge font, can't fucking miss it, LOOK AT THE ALIEN JOHNNY FURRINER COME TO DESTROY US ALL WAAAGH DRAMA!!!1

But because these guys are WHITE guys, they allocate it to the same column as the skateboarding ducks and the fat guy who got his entire body tattooed to look like a leopard, taking nude baths in baked beans for charidee. The crappy, lazy Silly Season column that they mine for "And Finally" articles just before the half-naked giggly blonde weather girl with the big boobs making an appearance on screen between pregnancies. The funny news, easily glossed over with a silly boing soundtrack and - more insidiously - easily and quickly forgotten.

So they live within shouting distance of Disney World, so that makes all the difference because, what? Some radiation produced by Disney World meant that they were never going to actually harm anybody, but just give all their victims wedgies? Because, what, they were going to commit their crimes while wearing Mickey Mouse costumes or something?

Here. Share my disgust with the human species. A little slice of Hell. And tell the news editors that this shit makes the front pages, not cosying up with the fucking skateboarding nuns just after the sports. Terrorism is terrorism. These white men and women are terrorists - not "home grown," but just "terrorists." Don't soften the blow just because they are white bastards, or give them a special privilege not given to other people. Give them the same treatment you would give them if they were non-whites, Yahoo News, you fucking racist cunts.

Feds bust evil bastards - this should be front page news
fiat_knox: silhouette of myself taken at sunrise (Default)
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"Learn hypnosis. Soon as possible. It's easy. Here's a book. No, it hasn't been written. You haven't written it yet.

"Also, fuck more once you're legal, smoke less, get comfy going naked and - hey, why are you running towards those coppers? Oh, shit ..."

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