Jul. 16th, 2012

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I haven't had much to say of late. I've had some busy days, but lacked the wherewithal to post about them.

Until tonight.

Things have changed in my life in the last few weeks. Dietary habits, daily schedules, a new habit of opening the windows in the flat to let in the air when it is raining outside - fresh air feels so welcome.

I had a very disappointing meeting of the club last Saturday. Very disappointing. I've had little desire to blog about it - I'll express how I feel in the club blog. The Thursday night before, however, the Viva Voce open mic poetry evening went really well, with my reading out a good few poems to an appreciative audience.

So, then, swings and roundabouts.

I've been invited to events such as private viewings of artefacts with great historical significance and to shows such as Dilyn Y Fflam. I've been invited to recite my poetry at the Viva Voce Open Mic evenings.

So do I really need to continue to do this thing with the club? Can I take the remit - reading SF & Fantasy - and play with the formula? Expand the concept to include essay and short story writing, hold competitions to write poetry and short stories - winners get a prize at Christmas or something. I need to ask some questions about where this club needs to go.

And it starts with getting in new members, and pushing for new members to come in from the local universities come September or October. I'll talk to Vicki tomorrow morning or whenever she is available, and if necessary go to Chester to talk to her in person about the way the club has to go.

Hence my reasons for staying off the air. I needed to think for a time. And I think I've had some ideas. And on these blogs you'll see what those ideas are, and I'll keep you all apprised as to what happens.

But for right now ... I'm back.

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