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Some time ago, I posted an article announcing the BBC's then new show, Lazy Town, for kids. I complained that it was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

This article came out October 21, 2012 - Julianna Rose Mauriello, who played "Stephanie" in the show, busted for prostitution in the States.

It's actually pretty sad. Somebody get her a job that pays better than this, and won't get her locked up again.
fiat_knox: silhouette of myself taken at sunrise (Shadow person)
It started with my getting Firefly, and discovering all about the 'verse, especially the Companions, Inara in particular.

I guess it just tuned my mind towards hookers, because virtually every bloody conversation that's been held around me this past week, someone's mentioned prostitution, whoring, bordelloes, brothels, the whole damn sex industry.

The news got into the act last night, with the headline that twice as many men now pay for sex (well, technically, all men pay for sex somehow, but you catch my meaning) and a piece of news about five Eastern European men who got busted for running whores they'd imported from back home.

I couldn't even get away from it this morning in writing class - the subject I had to write about was a bordello in Bucharest.

Thus ended the Week of Hookers.

Unless it's the Month of Hookers, and nobody told me ...

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