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Well, it's almost the end of July 7, 2005, a day which no Briton will ever forget: our own Madrid bombing, our own 9/11.

I can only imagine what Inner City London must look like right now, with its wrecked stations, the cordoned - off sectors, the police and firefighters and paramedics everywhere, forensics guys working overtime round the clock.

There are most likely no other crime scenes in Britain today.

Anyway, I'm preparing for the sack. My family are okay, for the most part, including my Dad's family living in London. I got word back. All safe.

Not so happy news for those still waiting for their loved ones - loved ones who could have been on that fateful Number 30 bus to Marble Arch, or at King's Cross. Loved ones who will now never return.

I know that tonight, people all over the UK are going to be feeling afraid, cold, angry ... so angry, as loved ones have been taken away from them so cruelly by malicious monsters. Who can do anything to help those people? Nobody. The relatives have to grieve, now. Pieces have to be gathered, evidence gathered ... and the trail picked up. Hopefully, a trail which will lead to the mastermind, who will have cause to realise that he really has gone too far in his actions against us.

All I can say is, at the end of the day, no matter what is thrown at it:

London Prevails.

In the Sticks, we Brits sometimes chide London for being like the drunken, interfering Auntie who's always sticking her nose in when the family gets together. But that's just playful banter. When something like this happens, nobody on these islands ever forgets one thing:

London's the heart of Britain. Has been since Roman times, and, God permit, always will be.

Tomorrow, the relief efforts begin, and the body counting, and the sifting of evidence. Ye gods, it's going to be a long slog.

But judging by the resolve on the faces of every single paramedic, firefighter, policeman and ordinary citizen, native and non-native, everyone there's well up to the task.

In the end, when the city's picked itself back up on its feet, those losers will realise that nothing they could ever do to her could possibly be permanent.

Business as usual.

And then ... and then we go looking for them.

Buddhist Sayings

- Whoever should intentionally deprive a breathing being of life, there is an offence of expiation.

- In whatever person malice is engendered, in that person love should be made to become, also compassion, also balance.

- "He insulted me, he hurt me, he defeated me, he robbed me." Those who think such things will not be free from hate.

- In the light of his vision he has found his freeedom: his thoughts are peace and his work is peace.

- For hate cannot be overcome by hate; only through love can hate be overthrown. That is a law eternal.
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I'm reminded of the Buddhist prayer by Pali Tripitaka: For hate cannot be overcome by hate. Only through love can hate be overthrown. That is a law eternal.

If Britain can continue to act with the compassion we have been demonstrating since Live 8 last week, and not let atrocities deter us from carrying through with good deeds, it is we in the West who will prevail. Not terrorism.
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Two people reported dead.
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A bunch of extremist terrorist curs have struck at London on the day the G8 opens in Gleneagles.

Six bombs went off in the Underground, and one on a bus - possibly the seventh one, that never got as far as the location it was set to detonate at.

The PM just got on the TV to deliver his speech. He looked like a man genuinely who has been kicked hard in the arse.

There are people wounded, people missing. I think I have family missing down there.

Grim day after all the celebrations yesterday, when London got the Olympics in 2012.

Grim day.

Addendum: The question of who's responsible got thrown open again earlier this afternoon. However, the Muslim Council of Great Britain have made a statement denouncing the actions of these terrorists, so I can only surmise that the threat does come from some extremist Islamist faction. Who, though ... the cops aren't saying yet.

I do sincerely hope they find them, though, and drag them out of the rock they've crawled under.

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