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Here's an idea for Vampire: the Requiem I came up with. Bear with me.

Twist on Diablerie Rules )
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Characters in the World of Darkness are governed by a Virtue and a Vice. Upholding the Virtues and giving in to Vices permit characters to gain Willpower, as their altruism, or their indulgence, affirms their values.

But what if there was an element of risk involved?

What if, each time a character's Virtue is tested, there is a chance that that Virtue might be misplaced; or a disaster occurs as a result of the character indulging their Vice at precisely the wrong time?

What if a character is attempting an action involving a die roll which could fulfil a Virtue or Vice ... and they throw a 1 on the Chance Die?

Here are a few examples that came to mind where a character could potentially lose Willpower through the refutation of their Virtues, or through being immediately forced to face the direct consequences of their Vices.

Virtues )

Vices )
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I recently came across a posting on the White Wolf Vampire forum, asking about "combat Retainers." This is my response to that post.

The Retainer Merit )
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On the Mage: the Awakening Homepage on the White Wolf website, the first of the teasers for the forthcoming Mage: the Awakening game has been released.

The updates are here.

If you'd rather read the first teaser(s) here ... )

I have more information to impart, though. The next White Wolf Quarterly, soon to be released, apparently contains a load of spoilers for Mage, a major taster for which has already been leaked out onto Shadownessence Forums in this thread here.

There you have it for now. More in a future posting.
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It feels that it's been so long since I wrote here, the Net Spiders have come in and laid webbing all over the place.

Or maybe it's an infection of Azlu, I don't know.

Anyways, time for another update on life in general, and what's been happening over the last few weeks since the last posting.

Behind here )

There you have it. No posts for weeks, and then along comes a monster. Enjoy the moment, peeps. I'm off to take a bath.

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