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Every year, there is always someone who puts up an amusing Yuletide decoration somewhere. This year, it's the turn of this fan of Calvin and Hobbes.




And with that, Caganerwatch 2013 is now a go.

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Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I know I did.

I finally got the system back up and running back home - no more Internet connection for the moment, though, because I'm planning on doing something with an Internet connection at the flat rather than the folks' place - and managed to write some more stuff.

Highlights of the Season:

- New working computer built from the remains of the old one (1.2 GHz processor, 256 Mb RAM, 160 Gb hard drive, 2 512 Mb memory sticks);

- New pentagram ring on my finger;

- New mobile phone handset (same number, though - I just swapped my old SIM card into the new handset);

- Strawberries and dates on Christmas Eve;

- The next door neighbour was shocked when he found out I liked women. If he'd seen Ann or Laura, my most recent exes, or asked T., he'd have had no doubt about this ...

Anyways, my belly's straining here. It's dark outside, and I have to get back home to the flat now. It'll be green tea and a small tin of sardines or something tonight. I don't think I'll be able to handle much more after all the cramming in I've been doing ...
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My Christmas present hunting is almost over for this year. Just one more present to buy, and from tomorrow, it'll all be indulgences.

Last year, it was forking out a little extra money for treats for the Christmas table. This year, if I can get the cash together, who knows what I might come up with?

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