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Aug. 22nd, 2017 09:49 pm
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A go bag, for me, is a bag containing everything I need for when I'm staying away from home. No matter where I am staying, my go bag goes with me. It's a large blue zipped holdall, it weighs a ton, but it's a burden I am always happy to bear.

I live in that go bag while I'm travelling. Everything stays in that go bag, because you never know when I might have to pull the ripcord and leave in a few minutes - or even a few seconds.

So I found myself in very familiar surroundings. I was squatting in the Remote Town Landlord's place again. It is this sort of a bungalow, a sprawling building in its own grounds, surrounded by neighbours' houses in a residential part of Remote Town. I woke up, looked out of the window at a neighbour's house, and I realised that I was naked. It was a bright, sunny morning, but it was early, so nobody was awake next door yet.

And then I heard a powered gate opening, and I realised that the neighbour was coming back. All my clothes were laid out, and I put them on sharpish and got out before his car could come around the corner. I knew the alarm code and where he hid his house key; it had been ages since I'd been here, but he'd not changed his pattern at all.

One thing had changed. He was on his own now. No sign of the wife and kid from the last time I'd squatted in his place.

I have no idea when I will be coming back here, or whether I'll be expecting to see the neighbour glaring at me, or the locks changed, or even the police. My dreams here are weird, sometimes.
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I loved this theme. Can't say I'd watch the show any more, but this was a brilliant theme.

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I love this video, especially the background music.

Fluid Sculpture on Vimeo.


Jun. 6th, 2017 11:20 pm
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Plant Time Lapse from Jelle Dobma on Vimeo.

I posted this here to see how Vimeo can embed videos.
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The following is the text of a dream which I transcribed onto Facebook in several posts. Facebook had some sort of a 600 character limit back in the day.

Had a dream this morning. I dreamed that the Thames had suddenly been drained, and that there was this weird temple entrance lying half buried in the floor of the river bed. Some archaeologists had opened the entrance, and I was one of the first in.
The temple had been sealed long before the river had come over it, so its interior was dry, all grey stone. Some steps hed down, into this abstract chamber of all grey stone. Very odd shapes, stairwells in all directions and on all sides, each one going off in uneven directions, all of them leading nowhere.
I saw what looked like a long corridor leading away from the central chamber. I realised that I was looking at a realistic painting: a picture painted into the wall. But when I touched it, it turned out to be real. So I ventured into the corridor, which seemed to go on in a straight line forever.
Halfway down, there were two corridors on either side, making it a crossroads in the corridor: but when I looked again and touched them, they were just paintings. Likewise, the corner at the end of the corridor which led to the right turned out to be a dead end; it only went a few feet around the corner and ended at a grey stone wall just out of line of sight.
For some reason, getting out of this corridor was harder than going in. For one thing, I was now racing against the clock, because the picture was starting to go solid. For another thing, I had to come out of it backwards. If I'd turned to look, the picture would have gone solid and frozen me inside it forever.
When I emerged, I almost fell backwards; it was a sensation very much like having a blocked ear that suddenly clears. I looked, and the corridor was just a painting again, a solid part of the wall, a trompe l'oeil effect. I don't know if I'd failed or not. I didn't care. I'd explored the inside of a painting that had not been seen by Man.
Finally, I was climbing down this spiral staircase which showed promise; it was supposed to open up into a larger chamber below this one. But then I felt drops falling on me from above. It was water. The river was starting to come back. And so we all had to make our way back up onto the surface before we got flooded. Last thing was me emerging into the light, and the water was already ankle deep and rising.
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I began writing a 50,000 word novel-length fiction piece for the April 2017 Camp NaNoWriMo competition.

Currently, I am on 21,000+ words - on Day 9.

I have a goal for today: to reach 21,666 words, the par for Day 13. I don't mind not making that goal today, because I already reached the suggested daily par of 1667 words and surpassed it by at least a century.
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This post appeared on my Facebook feed. It scared me, and I am the sort of person to enjoy open discussion of the Left Hand Path and eating people.

It's almost 3am, and I can't get to sleep. That post above, basically calling for the reintroduction of debtor's prisons and workhouses by the back door, scared the shit out of me.
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I could not raise the £300 to pay for the hotel in time to go to Eastercon. Places have probably already been booked by now anyway.

I remember some fun times at a Star Trek convention that was held at the Birmingham Metropole in town. It was 1988. Sir Patrick Stewart was just Patrick Stewart back then. Season 1 of Next Gen had just finished and he was home for the first hiatus.

He crashed the convention and brought the entire con to a standstill. I mean literally.

We were halfway through watching an episode of late Season 1, "We'll Always Have Paris" I think it was, a forgettable time travel episode, and someone burst in to the room.

"Patrick Stewart just arrived in this hotel! He's in Conference Room One!"

Boom. Mad dash for the door.

I went to fetch my camera, in my room. I went through the hotel, and it was totally silent. Deserted. Absolutely everybody was in the conference room. Attendees, hotel staff, management.

And Patrick Stewart.

More than anything, I would have loved attending Eastercon, at the same hotel this year. It's been ten years since the Chester Eastercon, and coming up on ten years since I learned a great many things about myself.

I'll watch a few episodes of Next Gen over the weekend, instead.


Feb. 6th, 2017 08:55 am
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Sooner or later, these bookshelves in my flat are going to come down, and the books which I cannot currently reach shall once again be in my grasp.

This morning, I found myself actually wondering something that would have sounded positively heretical to me, many years ago - which of these books can I afford to get rid of?

Some day soon, my kitchen - which is being refitted - will be fit for purpose again, and my living room will be cleared out once more. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to clean house in the living room, too, and to find a place which will accept those books which I have not read in many years, and even those few books which I picked up and never read at all.

It's a strange thought, getting rid of books. But I have no desire to be seen in my dotage to be some sort of hoarder.
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This is from Twitter, where Caganers have an official account (@caganer):-

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Season's Greetings to Countdown fans.
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This one looks miles better - *cough* - kilometres better than Paris' buttplug effort.

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You'd have to be British to fully appreciate this.

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Something about Santa accepting Rudolph as tribute ...
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Here's a Lady Gaga caganer.

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