Feb. 1st, 2012

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Got back to the flat about eight after a crazy smart lecture, closed my eyes for a moment - woke up at a quarter to two in the morning. Missed chatting with everybody, especially Tracy and Babalon Barbie - in fact, I missed everything. A TV show I had planned on watching; a phone call I had planned to make at 9 to a friend ...

I guess my body had other plans.

I woke up with some strange imagery from my dreams.

- A small brass figurine, activated by a spirit, no bigger than an artist's mannequin eighteen inches high, with a featureless face and head, fully articulated with a ticking watch movement in its body cavity and a glowing green cabochon crystal almost an inch long in its chest where the spirit resides. The mannequin has been enchanted further to be almost indestructible, and far stronger than it first appears.

- Two plain rings, both of a strange translucent metal: one vaguely silvery with a kind of bluish sheen like moonlight, the other like red gold with a fiery highlight like sunset sunlight. The silver one draws out all the strength and energies of the person that the wearer touches while activating this device; this transfers vital energies to the wielder, but leaves the victim drained and weak as a kitten, a husk with the flesh hanging off his bones. The gold ring slowly restores those whom the silver ring has drained, slowly bringing them back to health. The sorcerer needs this energy to fuel his enchantments and spells. These rings were among his first enchanted devices he ever made.

- A dead mage, unable to move on, persuaded by a sorcerer to enter a binding; the mage's ghost now sits within a flat, circular brown stone inside a pendant resembling a large, circular silver hunter watch with a lens of crystal in the centre of the front face. The center of the stone bears a stylised eye carved into the mineral: the mage sees the world through that stylised eye, peering at the world through the crystal lens, going where the wearer of the pendant goes. The pendant has also been enchanted to regenerate wear and tear; even the slightest damage, nicks, dents and the patina of wear on the crystal, is regenerated, leaving the pendant as bright and shiny as when it was made.

I have a strange image of some magus striding the world of Legend, guided by the helpful mage in the pendant, with the mannequin sitting on his shoulder ticking at the mage, the ticking being its language and means of communicating with the sorcerer.

Sullup Lurth.

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