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... and in case you're wondering, I'm referring to the growing band of fans of Serenity and Firefly I'm finding all over the place. The future of Serenity may still look grim, but new fans are popping up each day, all of them asking me with bright eyes "Have you seen Firefly yet? / Have you seen Serenity yet?" There are more of us each day - and when did "you" become "us" here?

It's the brightness of the eyes, when it's all so new and wonderful; when belonging to a small knot of People In The Know matters. It makes you feel special to know that you have been a witness to something majestic and rare, like a butterfly of an unknown species landing on the bridge of your nose.

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... of the lucky people, Browncoats and just ordinary fans, who now own the series Firefly. I bought the entire series on DVD last night. Cost me, but this is definitely something for which I have found a use for money.

Are you sure Joss Whedon never played Marc Miller / GDW's Traveller at all? Because I get the most uncannily nostalgic vibe from it all ...

[ profile] nyghtshayde, as long as I've got this thing on DVD, you'll never be far away from my thoughts. I mean, you never were far away from my thoughts, but ... you see my point. :)

And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, hon.

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