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I can't believe we got into an argument about this, my folks and I.

I just pointed out that a scientific study has discovered that psychopathic behaviour can be inherited among the young, meaning that kids can be born bad - thus blowing any legal argument that children are incapable of doing harm out of the water once and for all - and my folks asked why it was that their generation, growing up as they did during the middle of the last century, never had the sort of vicious behaviour we are plagued with today.

So they blamed me and mine - children of the 1960s/ 70s - for inventing murder, rape and suchlike.

So I told them simply, "Myra Hindley and Ian Brady the Moors Murderers - they were your generation. The kids they violated, then murdered? They were my generation."

Don't tell me we invented atrocities, when they were a generation whose Wise Leaders deliberately chose to suppress making news of the nazi death camps public: when their generation included the likes of Ed Gein, Ted Bundy and Dennis Nielsen.

God, how dare they? When my folks were growing up, slavery had been abolished ten minutes before, and they were still bloody banging the rocks together to make fire!
fiat_knox: silhouette of myself taken at sunrise (Shadow person)
The news today confirmed that some people really are nothing ... brutes.

The British hostage, Kenneth Bigley, was beheaded today, joining his two equally innocent civilian American companions.

I can't say anything nice or polite as to the evil bastard who planned these people's abductions and murders. I suspect their fates had been dictated for them since Day 1. There was no way any of them were going to be allowed to go home. I have a suspicion they were dead the day of their capture: these bandits taped them, then murdered them, within hours, then just released the tapes bit by bit to prolong the agonies.

Ken Bigley's mother collapsed and had to be taken to hosital, the stress on her was that much. These murdering filth probably took pleasure in terrorising a helpless old lady. Hardly the actions of a follower of Islam, eh?

Ken Bigley's home town, Liverpool, is not too far from where I live. I like going there regularly. My family has roots there.

Today, the place is in mourning. It's a moment akin to the Hillsborough tragedy, the murder of little James Bulger ( a two year old battered to death by ten year old children) and the death of John Lennon. The whole city is turning out to mourn and grieve one of its own.

As to how I feel about this atrocity ... at this point, I am speechless.

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